How to make a customer angry!

Today I went to Network Solutions to lookup some new domain names to register.  I searched a bit and found one I liked.  I then went to my hosting provider to register the name since they have completely automated the process and all that I have to do is click a button to add a domain.  I have been doing this since the late 90’s.  Same process and it always worked.  This time it failed to work.  The domain I wanted had been taken by someone else within a few seconds.  Oh well, what can you do, I thought.  Until I found out who took the domain name.  It was Network Solutions.  They had registered the name and not wanted me to register the name with them, at over twice the price!  It was a holdup!  I have not been so angry at a company for a very long time.  It stung even more because Network Solutions is such a big force in the domain name business, I could feel the cold, hard steel muzzle of the gun pressing into my back.

I called Network Solutions to express my dissatisfaction and all they had for me was a lame excuse about someone else out there might take my name so instead of letting the other person take it Network Solutions took it.  What a horrible argument!  We don’t want someone else to hold you up so we are going to instead.  I have been going to Network Solutions for years, even when I wasn’t buying anything I felt that at least I was sending traffic their way.  I have recommended to others to go there also and I am sure they bought domain names from Network Solutions.

In the end, Network Solutions agreed to release the name in four to six hours.  Unfortunately, now I don’t trust them and if the name is immediately re-registered by someone my belief is that that someone is Network Solutions or someone associated with them.  The customer service rep on the phone did an excellent job with the company spin, she deserves a raise for spewing it so diligently, but even she actually said, “Don’t come back to Network Solutions and look for the name again after we release it or it will be registered again by us.”

Imagine that, a customer service rep telling a customer not to come back…amazing!

I won’t be going back to Network Solutions again, nor will I be recommending the site to others when they ask me how to register a domain name as long as this policy is in place.  Network Solutions can you spell the name of the company who will be taking your place in the near future?  G O  D A D D Y!

– Doug K.


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